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What are the best aspects of working at Luxoft?

What are the best aspects of working at Luxoft?

What makes Luxoft an exceptional company to work for? What sets it apart from its competitors in the field of software development and IT consulting services? Are there unique perks and growth opportunities that helps it retain and attract the best talents in the industry? These thought-provoking questions will indeed spark much interest amongst potential job applicants and other companies.

But these inquiries aren’t without their challenges. According to the Technology Services Industry Association (TSIA), retaining top talent in the IT industry is a major challenge, as is highlighted in their 2019 ‘ State of the Services Economy’ report. Furthermore, a 2021 study conducted by LinkedIn also highlighted the problem of employee disengagement, stating that more than half (51%) of those surveyed feel detached from their jobs. These problems necessitate innovative and holistic solutions that not only retain talent but also foster an environment of continuous learning, growth and engagement.

In this article, you will learn about the unique aspects of working at Luxoft that successfully address these common problems. The organization provides a conducive platform for professional growth, presenting numerous learning and development opportunities. Its robust employee engagement strategies which work towards fostering an inclusive work culture will also be highlighted.

With details shared first-hand by the employees of Luxoft, this discussion will offer valuable insights into why Luxoft stands as an employer of choice within the IT industry worldwide. Furthermore, it will illuminate the distinctive features of Luxoft that attract, engage, and retain its employees, ultimately facilitating their overall growth and development.

Defining the Core Benefits of Working at Luxoft

1. Innovative environment: At Luxoft, there’s a strong ethos of innovation and continued learning. Employees work on groundbreaking technological projects with industry leaders.
2. Diverse opportunities: Luxoft provides a range of job opportunities in different domains and countries, offering great chances for career progression and international exposure.
3. Collaborative culture: Luxoft fosters a team-oriented culture where collaboration and knowledge sharing is encouraged. Employee input is valued and can shape the direction of projects.
4. Competitive compensation: Luxoft offers competitive salaries and benefits packages, ensuring employees are well rewarded for their hard work and commitment.
5. Professional growth: Employees are encouraged to pursue professional development through training and certification programs.

Unmasking Luxoft: Revealing the Hidden Joys of Being Part of a Global Tech Force

Strong Emphasis on Career Growth and Skills Development

One of the prime aspects of being part of Luxoft is the remarkable focus it puts on personal and professional development. The organization encourages a culture of learning, where employees are constantly urged to diversify their skills set and broaden their horizons. Luxoft offers comprehensive technical and soft skill trainings for their employees with a view to enhance their career progression.

Moreover, Luxoft holds Performance Review meetings annually and semi-annually for employees, which is designed to offer constructive feedback and provide a platform to discuss future career goals and aspirations. There’s a clear career progression roadmap for every role in the company, and they are open and transparent about it.

  • Quality training programs to keep employees updated with latest tech trends
  • Opportunity to work on diverse projects across multiple sectors
  • Performance Review meetings to evaluate progress and set future goals

Inclusive Work Culture and Global Opportunities

Luxoft provides a vibrant, inclusive and diverse work environment to its team members. They have an impressive corporate policy in place that values the differences and uniqueness of individuals, providing equal opportunities to everyone. Team collaboration is strongly encouraged to foster innovation and creativity.

The inclusive culture is not just limited within the local office but extends to their global presence as well. As Luxoft operates across 20+ countries worldwide, employees are presented with multiple opportunities to work in cross-cultural teams and even move across geographies. This global exposure adds immense value to one’s professional experiences coupled with an understanding of varied market dynamics, customer behaviours, and business processes beyond their local domain.

Another standout aspect is their commitment to work-life balance. Luxoft respects that their employees have a personal life outside work, and it provides flexible scheduling opportunities to cater to this. Whether it’s flexible work hours, remote work options, or generous vacation policy, Luxoft makes sure employees don’t wear themselves out.

At Luxoft, being part of a global tech force implies a thorough celebration of diversity, relentless pursuit for growth, and the thrill of being at the cusp of newest tech trends, all combined with an understanding and provision for work-life balance. Therefore, what stands out is not just what Luxoft gives to its employees but how it makes them feel – empowered, appreciated, and most of all, an integral part of their global success story.

When Luxoft Spells Magic: The Multifarious Perks of Being a Luxoft Employee

Casting a Unique Charm as an Employer

What truly makes Luxoft an enchanting place? Without stretching the magical metaphor too thin, it’s the amalgamation of the company’s vast innovations in digital solutions, coupled with a human-centric approach. As employees, we are not just cogs in a large machine, but key participants in building better digital transformations for our clients.

The digital wizardry of Luxoft is not just reflected in the services we produce and provide for clients. On the contrary, it’s equally depicted in the work environment and culture we foster for our employees. This doesn’t just include a conventional list of pros of working in IT: enticing financial perks, flexible hours, option of remote work, a chance to work on global projects, etc. The real magic lies in the conscious efforts to ensure employees are valued, motivated, and continue to learn and grow. For instance, Luxoft embraces diversity and inclusion in its teams, and nurtures a culture that gives everyone a voice. This leads to a variety of personalities, experiences and ideas on the table, sparking innovation and creativity.

Addressing the Hidden Challenges

Shining a light on the dark side, it would be amiss not to mention the challenges that Luxoft, like any other software development and IT service industry, grapples with. Employees often face pressure in keeping up with the constant innovations in technology. The pace is relentless and the learning curve is steep. Then, there’s the balancing act of delivering quality performance in less time, and the strain of global collaboration. All of this can be challenging and intensive. However, it’s the transparency about these challenges and the investment in employee training and skill enhancement programs that make Luxoft’s problem-solving approach commendable.

Best Practices Manifesting Excellence

Here’s a peek into some of the best practices at Luxoft that are worth highlighting. To tackle the ever-evolving tech landscape, Luxoft makes sure to foster constant personal and professional growth through training and workshops. These platforms cater to the learning needs of the employees, keeping them up to speed with the latest in technology, and enhancing their overall abilities. An active promoter of work-life balance, Luxoft offers flexible work options, be it remote, part-time, or flexi-timing, thus empathizing with various life situations or preferences. Further, there are open forums for employees to voice their opinions, concerns, suggestions and ideas. A testament to this is the ‘Good Idea’ initiative, where employees are invited to share ideas, ranging from improving project management to enhancing work-life balance. These are reviewed by company leaders and implemented if it benefits the company as a whole, boosting the idea of employee participation.

In sum, Luxoft successfully strikes the balance between driving the digital world forward and creating an encouraging work environment. Luxoft isn’t just a place to woods, it’s an experience that nurtures and enriches its employees, paving the way for lasting spells of growth and success.

Luxoft: Not Just a Job but a World Full of Opportunities and Advancements

Why Choose Luxoft?

In a rapidly changing and evolving world, where job hopping is increasingly prevalent, why do individuals choose Luxoft as their place of career growth and advancement? It’s not merely about the tasking responsibilities and eye-pleasing paycheck. Being a part of Luxoft is a much more profound experience, inspiring more than just regular career objectives. Indeed, why does Luxoft have such a pull on its employees? The answer lies in the company’s commitment to providing a wide array of opportunities and advancement possibilities, making it not just a job, but an entire universe ready for exploration and learning.

Addressing the Challenge of Employee Engagement

In most organizations, retaining top talent and fueling their drive for continuous career growth has perpetually been a significant challenge. Seeking transformation, employees often plunge into the vortex of job-hopping, sacrificing stability for a mirage of growth. This is a challenge further exacerbated by the limitations of traditional workplaces’ ability to keep pace with the ambition and pace of the modern, dynamic professional. To break through this pattern, an innovative approach towards employee engagement and satisfaction is needed – one that defies convention and creates an ecosystem of seemingly infinite opportunities and advancements.

Unleashing the Potential with Luxoft – Best Practices

Luxoft makes this leap by turning this concept into a reality, offering an innovative set of practices aimed to retain and motivate its personnel. One of the powerful motivators Luxoft offers is its boundless learning opportunities. The company provides employees with access to various professional development programs ranging from technical to soft skills improvement. Therefore, employees continuously grow and expand their horizons beyond their primary job roles, enhancing their employability and market value. Another motivating factor is the essence of cross-functional opportunities. Luxoft’s diverse portfolio allows employees to experience and learn from different industries and domains, providing an enriched work experience while avoiding the monotony associated with niche roles. Furthermore, the active encouragement and recognition of employee innovation lead to increased job satisfaction and ownership. All these factors play instrumental roles in making Luxoft a platform for not just a job but a lifetime of opportunities and advancements.


Could it be that Luxoft has broken the conventional working system by integrating technology and innovation in a manner that promotes employee growth and job satisfaction? The top highlights of this global IT service provider include an incredible work culture, numerous learning opportunities, and a favorable work-life balance. Luxoft, with its intriguing hierarchies, offers a platform for its employees to grow professionally and personally, empowering them with updated technology and skills. Furthermore, their robust internal mobilization allows for an encouraging environment where employees are not stymied in their career paths but are encouraged to diversify and explore.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading this blog and getting to know the ins and outs of working at Luxoft. Understanding these aspects can undoubtedly aid you to make an informed decision about your career path. If you found this post useful, don’t hesitate to subscribe and follow our blog. With each new release, we strive to bring you the latest, most relevant, and engaging content right to you. By following us, you will also be the first one to know when we put up new posts.

We understand that every organization has its unique approach to fostering a good working environment, and Luxoft is no exception. In the forthcoming blogs, we will delve deeper into other dimensions of working at Luxoft as well other tech firms. Keep an eye on our future releases where we will be exploring other intriguing aspects like the company’s competitive benefits, employee engagement initiatives, detailed insights on their training and development programs, and several other aspects that make Luxoft stand out as an employer. As we sign off for now, let us leave you with a promise of fascinating new content. So, stay tuned for more.


FAQ Section

1. What makes Luxoft a great place to work?
Luxoft is beneficial since it provides opportunities to work on technically challenging projects with a global reach. It also values team collaboration and professional growth, leading to a positive working environment.

2. Does Luxoft provide opportunities for professional growth?
Absolutely, Luxoft is known for promoting continuous learning and development. They provide various training modules and often encourage employees to pursue additional qualifications.

3. What is the work culture like at Luxoft?
Luxoft maintains a very supportive and collaborative work culture. The company ensures that employees can maintain a work-life balance and promotes open communication at all levels.

4. How does Luxoft value its employees?
Luxoft places a significant emphasis on treating its employees well, offering competitive salaries and benefits. Additionally, there’s an enormous appreciation for diversity, and employees are esteemed for their individual contributions.

5. What kind of projects does Luxoft offer its employees?
Luxoft deals with wide-ranging projects that span across digital innovation, cloud, and IT solutions. This provides an excellent platform for employees to work on exciting, groundbreaking projects, helping them to constantly broaden their skill set.

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